General rules

Articles should be sent to the Issue Editor's email address before the deadline. The titles of upcoming issues, their scope, as well as the deadlines and mailing addresses of Editors are located here.


Article structure

Each article should contain the following elements:

- information about the authors (name and surname, affiliations: university, department, e-mail)

- title of the article,

- abstract in Polish (< 200 words),

- keywords in Polish (< 5),

- JEL Grading (Journal of Economic Literature),

- abstrakt in English (< 200 words),

- keywords in english (< 5),

- article content

        Introduction (justification for the topic, purpose and scope of the article),
        Main part of the article (divided into sections marked with subheadings),
        Summary (conclusions and recommendations)

- Bibliography (in alphabetical order).


Editorial requirements

Margins: left - 2 cm, right - 3.5 cm, top - 2 cm, bottom - 2 cm,
Font: Times New Roman, 12 px,
Spacing - 1,5 lines,

Text (including tables, figures, citation) should be prepared in the APA style. Any formatting information is on the official APA website.